What is it and what does it do?

Heator! allows you to control your household heating directly from your mobile phone. Heator! works with all heating systems, there is a sensor, a regulator and a base unit. The modules work with your existing heating system and wifi network.

The end benefit of having Heator! in your home is to save on energy cost as well as having more control of your heating system.

Intuitive User Interface

The end-user interface is simplistic and easy to use. We developed a User Experience (UX) app that is entirely focused at the end user.

Once you start using Heator! you will enjoy an unprecedented ease of use as well as first class support from TeamHeator! We are here to look after you and your home.

Features That Matter

> Individually control heating from your Mobile
> Geo-Location Aware
> Cut your energy cost and use by 32%
> Start saving from Day 1
> Safe and simple to use
> Easy Installation
> Affordable pricing packages
> Heator! is fully Automatic

Developed in the UK!

Heator! is designed, developed and supported in the UK.

We know how irate we get when utility companies announce yearly price hikes and profit. Heator! was specifically designed to assist and help all household to reduce their energy bill as well as making their homes and heating solutions use energy more efficiently.

Meet The Team

TeamHeator is here to help you with all your concerns, we are based in the UK and you can also reach us via email – home@heator.co.uk or call us directly – +44 161 280 2352 (there is no auto attendant); your call is always immediately answered by an agent.