Will Heator! work with my existing heating system?
Heator works with all heating systems in the United Kingdom.

How many rooms can I control with the app?
You can individually control all rooms in your home with Heator!.

How does it work with the Weather?
Heator! works with the BBC UK Weather REST API, Heator! use the weather output to intelligently manage and change the heating requirements in your home. So if BBC Weather reports that the weather will change to turn colder or hotter, Heator! will make the require change or even turn off your heating system, saving on energy cost. Imagine you travelled in early January and you were in sunny Spain, Heator! knows that you are not at home and knows that it needs to run the heating system in order to allow to keep the house warm during the winter nights.

Will I need an electrician to install the system?
No, you won’t an electrician to install. The setup process is very easy.

How many base stations do I need?
All UK homes will require only one base station. The base unit works similarly to the range of a wifi unit.

How do it know that I am not at home?
Heator! uses the UDID & IMEI details of your iOS & Android device to determine your exact location. Heator! creates a 15mins ring-fence around your home and it also uses the built in geo-location modules in your smartphone.

Why does Heator! need to connect to my Wifi Network?
Heator! need to constant connection to the internet. This allow your mobile app to control the base unit from anywhere.

Will it work if my ISP disconnect my internet connection?
The Heator! system will always work. The app is intelligent enough to switch from 3G, 4G or Wifi networks. You will however be able to manually control your base unit as well as control your unit without your mobile.

What if I lose my Mobile?
If you lose your mobile, or there is no power, or your device is broken; you can immediately switch to another device. All your data and settings is stored and backed up to our Cloud servers. If you mobile lose power or not charged or you left it at work, you will however be able to manually control your base unit as well as control your unit without your mobile.

How much can I save?
This will vary from home to home; How old your boiler is? How efficient your boiler is? The type of insulation you have. However, in our experience, within one heating season you should save from 15-50%, based on how you regulate the temperature within the home, as well as insulation.

What if my base unit or sensor is faulty?
You are covered for a 12months manufacturer’s warranty and if you have been a long standing customer, we will be happy to replace your unit with another free of charge.